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Textbook Adoption Public Review



The Bradford County School District is considering the adoption of instructional materials from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) for English Language Arts core instruction at the elementary and high school  levels (K-12), HMH for Intensive Reading 6 - 8 at the secondary level, and Perfection Learning Intensive Reading 9 - 12 for Intensive Reading at the secondary level.   You can access a sample of the selected texts online using the following links:


HMH Florida Core:  Florida, Into Reading and Into Literature


Public Access Link:

Public Access User Name:  HMH Student 

Public Access Password:  Easy123!


9-12 Intensive Reading:  Perfection Learning

Public Access Link:

Public Access User Name:

Public Access Password:  Perfection1

If you would prefer to review a hard copy, please contact the schools to set up a time to review the materials at the school site.  Appointments should be made at least 24 hours in advance.  The public review period runs from February 9, 2021 through March 7, 2021.  On Monday, March 8 at 6pm, the Board will hold a public hearing for citizen comment.  The regularly scheduled School Board meeting will begin immediately after the workshop.


BES: (352) 485-1812

HES: (352) 468-1212

LES: (904) 966-6795

SSE: (904) 966-6061

SES: (904) 966-6045

BMS: (904) 966-6705
BHS: (904) 966-6075