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    Visit your FOCUS Parent Portal to enroll your student in a Bradford County School. 

    Download the Bradford Schools FOCUS app at Google Play or the Apple Store to access

    course assignments, grades, attendance & more from your mobile device.

     We are happy to be able to provide a variety of learning options to our families & wish all students a successful year of learning.
    20-21 Learning Options Sem 2
    Students currently in the ESSENTIALS program may return to on-campus instruction at any time.
    No new full time ESSENTIALS students will be enrolled.
    For questions about the ESSENTIALS program, contact ESSENTIALS@mybradford.us.
    Students currently in the SELECT program may return to on-campus instruction up through 09/11/2020.
    Enrollment in SELECT for the spring semester will open on November 16, 2020.
    For questions about the SELECT program, contact SELECT@mybradford.us.
    Students currently in the MyDistrict Virtual NEFEC program may return to on-campus instruction up through 09/11/2020.
    For questions about the MyDistrict Virtual NEFEC program, contact MyDistrict.NEFEC@mybradford.us.
    Click here to view Student/Parent-Guardian Orientation to the Select program.

    If you still have questions after reviewing the information on this page, please contact ESSENTIALS@MyBradford.us , SELECT@MyBradford.us or MyDistrict.NEFEC@MyBradford.us

  • 2020 Economic Security Report

  • Student/Parent-Guardian Orientation to the Select Program!

  • Important Calendars

  • Bradford Reopening Plan Summary Sheet

  • Edgenuity Flow Chart for Enrollments and Withdrawals

  • Access to SELECT

  • Orientation to Bradford SELECT programs

  • Connectivity FAQs

  • Classlink Tools

  • Bradford SELECT program FAQs

  • Family Empowerment Scholarship

  • Hope Scholarship

  • Progress Reports and Report Cards are now available for all students and parents via the Focus portal where they can be viewed, downloaded and printed. If for any reason you need a printed copy of your child's report card and are unable to print one on your own, please contact your student's school and they will be happy to provide one for you.