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  • The IT Department, along with district and school adminstration have built a new website for Bradford County Schools.  Communication is the foundation for good partnerships and effective team work.  Our partners in education include the District Office staff, School Administration, Support personnel, Teachers, Stduents, Parents, School Board Members, City/County and State agencies and Business Partners.  The foundation has been laid. District and school page development will continue.

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  • A Single Sign On portal is being provided to allow all employees and students the ability to login one time to the network and then have access to all products from one source.  No need to login multiple times or remember countless passwords!  Go to BradfordSchools.org and click on the "Bradford Classlink" quick link Icon from any page to access.  You may also access a Classlink tutorial for more information on how to use the product.

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  • An upgraded Mass Notification system is being implemented that will allow for Mass Communications to targeted people groups via phone, text and email as well as integrate with our social media.  Student attendance information, emergency alerts, school activities, sports schedules and a myriad of other informational announcements will be made through this system.    

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Director's Vision

  • Our function as the Information & Technology Services department is to provide the tools necessary to facilitate quality education in Bradford County Schools.  We will do this by providing a Safe Network on which to operate and to provide Products and Resources that will equip every stakeholder with the resources to work more efficiently and effectively.  Many changes have taken place to help us reach this goal.  Each School Year we strive to continue this momentum to further enhance our educational experiences.     
    Staying Safe - Providing a network upon which all employees and students utilize is of utmost importance.  Our Network & Technology team work diligently every day to ensure that the network is safe by installing, maintaining and monitoring the firewall manager, content filter and device management software.  This protects our employees and students from malicious attempts to sabotage systems, corrupt files and rob people of personally identifiable information.   Our device management software also alerts us when employees or students browse or access harmful sites and content so that these activities can be restricted and appropriate support programs can be provided.  
    Staying Productive - Productivity is essential.  It is dependent upon having adequate and timely access to the tools that are used on a day to day basis.  This year every school will be on a fiber connection to the District Office adding our four elementary schools to this internet service (Brooker, Hampton, Lawtey and Southside).  We are also replacing Clever with Classlink, a product that provides Single Sign On access to all of our products and tools.  This Bradford Portal will provide all employees and students the ability to login one time and be authenticated and passed thru to the tool of choice.  It will also allow access to Home Directory folders and files and be accessed from any place where there is internet connection and a web browser.  
    Staying Effective - Learning Gains is at the core of all that we do.  Our student success is paramount to anything we do.  Every student in every school is valuable and has great potential.  We will continually work with District and School staff to evaluate and provide teaching and assessment tools that are cost effective methods for reaching and teaching students and managing business and educational processes.  See our 'Products Supported by I.T.' list for a compilation of products that we implement, maintain and support to facilitate this responsibility.  New products this year include Learning Sciences International (LSI), additional Edgenuity products and School City.  
    Staying Informed - Communication is the foundation for good partnerships and effective team work.  Our partners in education include the District Office staff, School Administration, Support personnel, Teachers, Students, Parents, School Board Members, City/County and State agencies and Business Partners.  This year we have implemented a new web site and are implementing a comprehensive robust mass notification system.  These systems will help all stakeholders stay informed and working as a team.
    Exciting days are ahead as we continue Believing... Achieving... and  Excelling...
    Brenda Leto
Information Technology Services

Our Guiding Principles

  • Our guiding principles are to continuously exhibit cheerful, courteous, and professional services while delivering timely error free solutions.

    • Be Visionary
    • Be Professional
    • Be Courteous
    • Be Cheerful
    • Be Timely
    • Be Error Free

Contact Us

  •        We are hiring!   Please visit our Job Openings to complete an online application.



    • Administrative Secretary / Front Desk Support - this person will manage visitor traffic for the District Office and for the Information & Technology department.  It will be important for this person to be able to be efficient at managing multiple tasks, communicating cheerfully and effectivey thru verbal and written communications and following instructions.  Secretarial duties such as managing departmental travel and office purchases and deliveries will be included.  Special emphasis will be on documenting procedures and tutorial guides and for basic Tier 1 support for incoming calls to the I.T. department.  Knowledge of Microsoft products, Google products and applications such as FOCUS, Skyward, Rapture, iReady, etc are a great benefit. 
    • Technician I -  this person will work with our Technology team to install and maintain the equipment in all offices and classrooms across the district.  The person should have the ability to install and configure personal computers and ancillary equipment as well as install and configure operating system software.  The individual will need to possess the skills needed to adequately troubleshoot and resolve issues related to the machine or device, OS, antivirus, connectivity, etc.  An understanding of network interfaces, wireless access pioints, and cabling are a great benefit.  
    • Application Support Specialist - this person should have a degree in computer science or 5 years experience in computer programming, databases and/or application development or implementations.  The individual will serve as a liaison between the end users of our district and the software vendor that provides the applications that we utilize.  Knowledge and experience of Skyward, FOCUS and other educational products are a great benefit.  Knowledge of educational business practices relating to HR, Payroll, Finance, School Scheduling, Grading, Assessments and various Federal and State requirements are crucial. This person must possess the ability to identify needs, research solutions and communicate best practices to end users.  Efficient time management is important.  Skills in SQL or other programming languages are a great benefit.