• Student Registration 

  • New VPK Students

    If your child has not yet been enrolled in Bradford County Schools and will be enrolling in a VPK program please see Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) Registration Information

    New PK-12 Students

    If your child has not yet been enrolled in Bradford County Schools and will be enrolling in a PK-12 program please see Enrollment Registration Steps below.

    Re-enroll Inactive or Transfer PK-12 Students

    If your child was previously enrolled in a Bradford County School, then left, and is now returning; or, if your child has been approved to transfer to an out-of-zone school, please refer to the School Directory to contact the registrar at the new school to re-enroll.  Data Clerks and Registrar will reference the Re-enroll Inactive or Transfer Student Guide for steps to take for this process.  

    Current KG-12 Students

    At the beginning of each school year, as early as July, please fill out a PK-12 Annual Enrollment Registration Update form located at your Focus Parent Portal account . Please complete the form no later than 30 days after the 1st day of school. No other action is required for re-enrollment. 


    Need To Know What School Your Child Is Zoned For?

    Please refer to the Out-of-Zone information links provided at the top right of this page.  Contact the assistant Superintendent's office at (904) 966-6010 for any remaining zoning questions. 

    Controlled Open Enrollment

    Between February 1, 2024, and March 31, 2024, parents and legal guardians may submit an application to allow their student to enroll in a public school of their choice that has not reached capacity for the next school year. If you have additional questions regarding School Choice, please send your correspondence to lee.jejetta@mybradford.us


    Still need Help?  Contact InfoTech@mybradford.us

  • New PK-12 Student Enrollment Registration Steps

    Please complete the following registration steps:

    Step 1: Gather and Scan Required Documents

    Gather and scan the documents referenced in the Registration Checklist before you begin the online registration. You must have all of the required documents to be able to submit the enrollment registration.

     Step 2: Submit Online Registration

    Online registration requires a Focus Parent Portal account with a valid email address. For best results, please use the Google Chrome browser. Answer the questions carefully and be prepared to upload the required documents from Step 1. After submitting, an email will be sent stating that the enrollment registration was received. 

    Are you new to the District? Create a Focus Parent Portal Account & Enroll your PK-12 Student 

    For parents that do not yet have a Focus Parent Portal account and have never enrolled a student into a Bradford County School; Create a Focus Parent Portal Account and then select "I would like to Apply for Enrollment for a new child".  Complete an "Application for New Students".   

    Do you already have an existing Focus Parent Portal with the District? Enroll an additional PK-12 Student 

    For Parents that already have a FOCUS Parent Portal account and have had one or more children already enrolled in a Bradford County School;  Login to the Focus Parent Portal Account and select the "Forms" tab and "Online Application".  Then select "I would like to apply for enrollment for a new child."  On the Enrollment form, be sure to select the Current School Year registration form type. 

    Step 3: Registration Confirmation

    After the Enrollment Registration information has been verified by Bradford School District, the registrar at the zoned school will send a confirmation email with the school start date.