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If you suspect Bullying going on within the Bradford County School District, please email

Public Records Requests

Bradford County School District
Custodian of Public Records
Lila Sellars
501 W. Washington Street
Starke, Florida  32091
Phone:  904-966-6018
Fax:  904-966-6030


Copies of public records may be obtained by making a request to the lawful custodian of the records. Charges for copies of public records not exceeding 81/2 x 14″ in size shall be fifteen (.15) cents for each one-sided copy or twenty (.20) cents for each two-sided copy, unless a different fee is otherwise prescribed by Florida Statutes.  A one dollar ($1.00) fee shall be assessed for a certified copy of a public record. Copies shall be made by the appropriate staff members at a time which does not interfere with their normal work duty.


The appropriate staff member’s hourly rate will be charged for complying with the public records request in increments of 15 minutes.