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Brenda Leto
Cole Johnson
Robbin Witt
Melissa Underhill

Brenda Leto

Database Administrator
Linda Niles

Network Specialist 
Greg Gobs

IT Administrative Assistant & District Office Receptionist 
Megan Linton

Evan Darley

James Archibald

Network & Technology Services
904.966.6022All requests for service relating to internet access, computers, printers, phones and other technological devices should be entered as a Tech Shop Work Ticket

Cole Johnson

Daniel Davis

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Application System Services
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Robbin Witt

Skyward Training


Skyward Business


Focus Finance

Track Prof Dev

Focus Student Systems

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MyOnUSA Test Prep

Print Shop Services
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For student records dated 2000 thru present, contact the school of enrollment.

For archived Student records dated previous to 2000 contact
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